Ravine Walk – Rush Run

Rush Run has its headwaters in a retention pond north of I-270, then travels south to 161, turning southeast on its way to the Olentangy River, where it is surrounded by a Columbus Recreation and Parks nature preserve.

Photos were taken in the summer of 2020 by Ellie Nowels.

Entrance to the park is found behind the rental office of Broadmeadows apartments.

Just beyond the trees is the confluence with the Olentangy River.

One of several small tributaries in the parkland.

Still walking eastward, the path on the south side ends right before the western end of Walnut Grove Cemetery. A large sewer pipe crosses the stream here; on the north side, the park continues into the village of Riverlea, with a number of walking paths in the woods.

This is the section of Rush Run that runs between Proprietors and McCoy roads. The stream bed and ravine walls are primarily shale throughout this section.

Property owners along this section (Proprietors to McCoy) enjoy this natural treasure.

Fractures and moss give texture to the shale walls.

Plenty of food for the wildlife!

As you approach the culvert under 161 just east of Proprietors Road, there is plenty of evidence of human activity.