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Spring/Summer 2022

  • Marauding Mosquitoes – Maureen Lorenz
  • Letter from the Chair
  • Dan Struve – a tribute to a native tree expert – Sherrill E. Massey
  • Lesser Celandine – New Threat in Town – Maureen Lorenz
  • Glen Echo Slope Restabilization Plan – 25 year update – Maureen Lorenz
  • Answering the call of the echo… – Michelle Leatherman

Winter 2021

  • The Practical Passive Preening Possum – Maureen Lorenz
  • Letter from the Chair
  • Ways to Donate
  • Sunset Walk Through Rush Creek Ravine – Christine Hayes
  • Bill Moose Run/Wyandot Nation Park – Help Save a Last, Pristine, Urban Ravine – Scott Williams and Stan Bialczak

Spring/Summer 2020

  • Ravines are Forests to Save, – Maureen Lorenz
  • Letter from the Chair – Alice Waldhauer
  • Rainy Spring
  • The Rush Run Landscape in Spring
  • The Importance of Stream Habitat –Dennis Mishne
  • The Nature Committee at Wesley Glen Loves Bill Moose Run! – Maureen Lorenz
  • Violent Storms Damage Glen Echo and Walhalla Ravines – Martha Harter Buckalew
  • A Walk Along Walhalla Ravine – Martha Harter Buckalew


Fall 2019/Winter 2020

  • Slate Run and The Columbus Fishing Club: A Niche in the Landscape at River’s Edge – Sherrill Massey
  • Letter from the Chair – Alice Waldhauer
  • FOR Board has a New Meeting Place
  • Review of Children’s Book Leaf Man, by Patricia J. Miranda and Chris O’Leary (Albert Whitman and Company, 2019) – Christine Hayes
  • I got those circadian rhythm blues (turn on the night, please), – Maureen Lorenz
  • Wooded Area Valuable South Hilltop Green Space – Anna Siriano
  • 2019 Earth Day Celebrations
  • The Ironwood, a poem – Christine Hayes
  • FOR Annual Plant Walk
  • Dogs Sniff Out Invasive Plants – Martha Harter Buckalew

Spring/Summer 2019

  • New Parkland, New Experiences! An Impromptu Walk Through Shafer Woods – Mark Dilly, Chief Scientist at MAD Scientist Associates
  • Let’s Go Fishing – Martha Harter Buckalew
  • The Night Ravine – Christine Hayes
  • How to be a Forest Keeper – Text by Maureen Lorenz and Photography by Annemarie Smith
  • Sugan Run, High and Low Places in Franklin County – Sherrill Massey
  • Respecting Green Spaces – Martha Harter Buckalew


Fall 2018/Winter 2019

  • Love for the Bat – Maureen Lorenz
  • Oak Wilt – Cindy Decker
  • Planting Trees for Glen Echo’s Future – Maureen Lorenz
  • Listen to Trees’ Subtle Warnings – Cindy Decker
  • Water Sentinels for Ravine Rovers – Alice Waldhauer & Sherrill Massey

Spring/Summer 2018

  • Urban Forests, by Jim McCormac
  • Even Small Patches of Urban Woods are Valuable for Migrating Birds, by Jeff Grabmeier
  • Indianola K8 Science Students, by Martha Harter Buckalew
  • End Littering in Columbus, by Sherri Palmer
  • Columbus: A City Where Streets Are Paved With Plastic Bottles
  • 2018 Ravine Art Contest Winners, by Alice Waldhauer
  • Do You Harbor Garden Enemies? By Cindy Decker
  • City of Columbus Conservation Signs Popping Up!


Fall 2017/Winter 2018

    • A Ravine Runs Through It – Mirror Lake Environs, by Sherrill Massey
    • Valuing Urban Landscapes: Ravines of Clintonville, by Maureen Lorenz, photos by Sherrill Massey
    • Lucky’s Pollinator Garden, by Martha Harter Buckalew
    • A Close Encounter With Wildlife, by Sherrill Massey
    • Don’t Fence Me In, Photo and article by Alice Waldhauer
  • Partners in Nature Grant to Highlight Area Ravines, Alice Waldhauer

Spring/Summer 2017

    • Bioblitz – Fall 2016, text by Maureen Lorenz and photos by Michael Graziano
    • A New Fern Find at Glen Echo Park, by Brian Gara
    • Make Your Yard an Ecosystem, text and photos by Maureen Lorenz
    • Friends Celebrate Sixth Ravine Art Contest
    • Ohio Wetlands Association Partners on Petition to Protect Ohio’s Wild Turtles, by Ray Stewart, OWA Snapping Turtle photos courtesy of Michael Graziano
  • Litter Litter Everywhere…Don’t People Care?  by Judy Robinson Adena Brook Community Lead Team Member


Fall 2016 / Winter 2017

  • Celebrate Spiders! by Maureen Lorenz
  • Friends of the Ravines Plank Walk Walhalla Ravine
  • Protecting Natural Areas from Plant Invaders! By Carrie Morrow & Photos by Maureen Lorenz
  • History of an Alum Creek Tributary, by Martha Harter Buckalew and Sherrill Massey
  • Friends of the Ravines Celebrates 20 Years with New Ways to Donate, by Alice Waldhauer

Spring/Summer 2016

  • The Wild Wonderful World of the Ravine Art Contest…where nature meets art, by Alice Waldhauer & Stella Sayers
  • Memorial Howard T. “Mac” Albin
  • The Mystery of McLaughlin House Overlooking the Scioto, by Amanda Page & Sherrill Massey
  • Ravine Definitions and Reflections, by Martha Harter Buckalew
  • Here’s Why You Should Plant a Tree, by Martha Harter Buckalew
  • A Brook in the City – Poem by Robert Frost


Fall 2015 / Winter 2016

  • The Packard Presence on Iuka Ravine, by Amanda Page
  • Mark Your Calendars Explore Shale Hollow Preserve
  • Living on the Edge, by Maureen Lorenz
  • “Arrowheads” Demonstrate 10,000 Years of History in Our Ravines, by Alan Tonetti
  • Upper Arlington Ravines, by Sherrill Massey and Martha Buckalew
  • Friends of the Ravines Receives Columbus Landmarks Foundation Award
  • Happy Birthday! Glen Echo Vernal Pool, by Maureen Lorenz
  • Ravine Art Contest Scheduled for 2016

Spring/Summer 2015

  • How Do We Protect Ravines? by Martha Harter Buckalew
  • Comfest Grant Awarded
  • A New Release! The Columbus Green Community Plan, by Erin Miller
  • An Easter Carol, by J. Kronenberger
  • Ravine Amphibians Part IV and V, by Michael Graziano
  • Vernal Pool Recreated in Glen Echo Park, by Maureen Lorenz
  • Letter from a Ravine Supporter in Pebble Beach, California


Fall 2014 / Winter 2015

  • Ordinance Needed To Protect Area Ravines, by Alice Waldhauer
  • Thanks O’Reilly’s!
  • What is a Ravine?
  • Homeowners Use Lawn Chemicals Mostly Because Neighbors Do It: Ohio State Study, by Mauricio  Espinoza
  • Local Ravines Are Treasure Troves, by Martha Harter Buckalew
  • Ravine Amphibians Part II, by Michael Graziano
  • Friends of the Ravines Annual Plant Walk Search for Spring Ephemerals in a Protected Wilderness  Watershed

Spring/Summer 2014

  • The Mastery of Frank Packard on Glen Echo Part One: Ravine Structures designed by the renowned  Columbus architect, by Amanda Page
  • 2014 Ravine Art Contest Summary, by Alice Waldhauer
  • The Importance of Stream Habitat, by Dennis Mishne
  • 2014 – Glen Echo Ravine BioBlitz! by Michael Graziano
  • Friends of the Ravines 2014 Ravine Art Contest
  • Ravine Amphibians Part I, by Michael Graziano
  • Say No to Lawn Care Chemicals, by Martha Harter Buckalew


Fall 2013 / Winter 2014

  • Unnamed Ravine a Spirited Haunt, by Sherrill Massey and Martha Buckalew
  • Mark Your Calendar! Friends of the Ravines Annual Plant Walk
  • Bicentennial Milepost: October 15, 1953 Deceased Navy Dog Given a Military Funeral
  • Death by a Thousand Cuts, by Dennis Mishne
  • Six Reasons to Control Invasive Shrub Honeysuckle (Or is it all one reason?), by Alice Waldhauer
  • Glen Echo Park a Special Site for Science Students, by Carol Argiro
  • Growing up on a Ravine, by Carrie Morrow
  • Columbus Christmas Bird Count in Two Urban Ravines, by Carolyn May

Spring/Summer 2013

  • Beechwold the Beautiful, by Gregg Peace
  • A Tribute
  • When Trees Die, People Die, by Lindsay Abrams
  • Behind the Scene at Flint Ravine, by Alice Waldhauer
  • Thank You for Supporting The 2013 Ravine Art Contest, by Martha Harter Buckalew


Fall 2012 / Winter 2013

  • The Neighborhood Around the Glen, by Bill Robinson
  • 2013 Plant Walk
  • A History of Glen Echo Park in Maps
  • The Pace Market An Old Neighborhood Store, by Martha Harter Buckalew
  • Glen Echo Viaduct id Formally Opened
  • Friends of the Ravines’ 2012 Art Contest for Franklin County Students in Grades K-12

Spring/Summer 2012 (Spring/Summer 2012 Glen Echo Park Centennial Edition)

  • A Brief Account of the Origin of Glen Echo Park, by Martha Harter Buckalew
  • Columbus 200/Glen Echo Park 100 Celebration
  • Going Down the Ravine, by John Matthias
  • The Glen-a.k.a. Glen Echo Ravine, by Bill Robinson Photos by Sherrill Massey
  • Friends of the Ravines’ 2012 More Art Contest Winners


Fall 2011 / Winter 2012

  • The Remarkable Restoration of Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park, by Carrie Morrow
  • Correction for the 2011 Spring/Summer Ravinia
  • Dave Snyder Retired, but Not Tired, by Sherrill Massey and Martha Buckalew
  • The Lower Olentangy Urban Arboretum: Reconnecting Our Vulnerable Fragmented Jewels, by Peter Kovarik, Ph.D Photos by Sherrill Massey
  • Worthingglen Warriors, by Marha Harter Buckalew
  • Friends of the Ravines’ 2012 Art Contest Is Open to All Franklin County Students in Grades K-12
  • Grant Helps the Glen Echo Ravine Restoration Continue, By Maureen Crossmaker Photos by Sherrill  Massey

Spring/Summer 2011

  • Billingsley Ravine History Layered in Stone, by Alex Silbajoris
  • Nature’s Impressions: Artwork Inspired by Franklin County Ravines
  • Some Errata and Embellishments, by Martha Harter Buckalew Photos courtesy of John Snouffer
  • Walhalla Ravine Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project, by Dianne Blankenbaker


Fall 2010 / Winter 2011

  • Country Life on Linworth Ravine, by Martha Harter Buckalew
  • Friends of the Ravines Sponsors Art Contest for Students
  • The Snouffer House on Olentangy River Road A Sequel to “Country Life on Linworth Ravine” by   Martha Harter Buckalew
  • Jeffers Mound A Sacred Space of the Ancients, by Maureen Crossmaker
  • What’s Up With the Butternut? by Alice Waldhauer
  • The Ravine, Poem and Photograph by G. Paul McCormick

Spring/Summer 2010

  • Ravines and Birds: Global Connections, by Jim McCormac
  • Meet FOR’s Newest Board Member
  • A New Urban Wildlife Haven, by Heather Stark and Heather Raymond
  • More Spring Haiku, by Jeanne Desy
  • Spouting Off About Downspouts, by Alice Waldhauer


Fall 2009 / Winter 2010

  • The Unseen Stream of Iuka Ravine And Other Stories – Part Two, by Daryl Largent
  • FOR Receives $2000 Grant
  • The Magnificent Sycamore, by Sherrill Massey
  • How Many Ravines Are There?, by Shirley Hyatt
  • Private Property Restoration Inspired by Glen Echo Model, by Maureen Crossmaker
  • Community Care Day, by Maureen Crossmaker

Spring/Summer 2009

  • The Unseen Stream of Iuka Ravine And Other Stories – Part One, by Daryl Largent
  • New Book Features Historical Ravine Photographs, by Alice Waldhauer
  • Celebrating the Past Ten Years of Ravinia, by Shirley Hyatt
  • Columbus’ Clean Rivers Project Comes to Glen Echo Ravine, by Alice Waldhauer
  • The Good, The Bad, The Awful or When to Cut ‘Em, When to Keep ‘Em, by Louise Radanovich
  • Once Forgotten Rivers, by V.J. Mazeika 2008
  • The Ravine, by Edna Ellen Poe
  • Spring Haiku for Ravinia, by Jeanne Desy


Fall 2008 / Winter 2009

  • Clintonville Art Gallery Features Local Ravines
  • Elementary Botany at OWU in 1899 Revisited, by Martha Harter Buckalew
  • Vote Yes to Renew the Clean Ohio Fund
  • Thoughts About Fogging for Mosquito Control, by Jeff Frontz
  • Garlic Mustard Removal: Keys to Success, by Beth Brown
  • Beechwold Park Residents Battle Bush Honeysuckle, by Todd Lusch
  • Go Really Green!, by Toni Stahl

Spring/Summer 2008

  • Shimmering Lights in the City, by Ann Kemble
  • Gotcha Covered: Invasive Plants Can Take Over the Neighborhood, by Cindy Decker
  • Elementary Botany at OWU in 1899, by Martha Harter Buckalew
  • Adena Brook Wildlife Habitat Enhancement, by Greg Cunningham
  • Kudos to Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, by Martha Harter Buckalew


Fall 2007 / Winter 2008

  • Urban Hermits: Salamanders’ secret lives reveal ravine conditions, by Daryl Largent
  • New Stream Names, by Leslie Strader
  • City of Columbus Installs Its First Rain Garden
  • Focus on Snow Trillium-Denizen of Central Ohio’s Limestone Ravines, by Brian Gara
  • Gardening for Wildlife, by Linda Ridihalgh
  • How to Create a Certified Wildlife Habitat
  • Rush Creek Remembrance, by Christine Hayes

Spring/Summer 2007

  • Rain Gardening for Ravines Native Landscaping with Stormwater Benefits, Luna Leopold
  • The Columbus Foundation and Comfest Award Grants to Friends of the Ravines
  • Friends of Webster park Bird Sanctuary Continue Maintenance in 2007
  • Beginning Adena Brook Community
  • Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas II Put the Nesting Birds of Ohio on the Map!
  • Wine Sampling Soiree a Success


Fall 2006 / Winter 2007

  • Bird life of Greater Columbus Area Ravines
  • Simple Steps to Improve Water Quality
  • Spicebush Worth Salvaging for Sake of Local Species
  • Interpretive Signage Installed in Glen Echo Park
  • Ravines and the Clean Ohio Fund
  • Brian Gara Joins Board of Trustees

Spring/Summer 2006

  • Let’s Help the Ravines, One Yard at a Time
  • Meet Friends of the Ravines’ Newest Board Member
  • Adena Brook Neighbor’s Photo Helps Convict Dumpers
  • What’s Happening with Sewers in Your Community?
  • Stoneleaf Landscape Service Befriends len Echo
  • Why Should I Care About Invasive Plants?
  • The Marvelous Mulberry


Fall 2005 / Winter 2006

  • The Story of the Glen Echo Boulder
  • Stormwater Drainage Manual Revised
  • To Name or Not to Name? No Longer a Question!
  • Restoring a Garden, Respecting the Ravine
  • Clean Ohio Funds Awarded
  • Spring Ephemerals in Bill Moose Ravine

Spring/Summer 2005

  • Ferns in the Ravines of Central Ohio, Brian D. Gara
  • The Woody Plantings Glen Echo Stream Restoration
  • It is Time to Take Responsibility for the Rain that Falls in your Watershed
  • Brief Biography of Ben Hayes
  • Ravines, Ben Hayes
  • Guide to Protecting Urban Ravines Feedback
  • The Columbus Foundation and Keep Franklin County Beautiful Fund Friends of the Ravines Activities


Fall 2004 / Winter 2005

  • Ferns in the Ravines of Central Ohio, Brian D. Gara
  • The Landscape of Rush Creek Village
  • Is the Black Walnut a Friend or Foe?
  • Plants Resistant to Black Walnut Toxicity
  • Plant Walk on Adena a Big Success
  • United Way Awards FOR a Neighborhood Empowerment Grant

Spring/Summer 2004

  • Glen Echo Stream Restoration Receives Clean Ohio Funds
  • How Friends of the ravines Spends Supporting Membership Contributions
  • City Upgrades Sewers Capital Improvement Projects Repair Ravine Sewers
  • Students Bring New Life to Glen Echo Ravine
  • What is a Ravine?


Fall 2003 / Winter 2004

  • An Account of the Lost Adena Earthwork on Overbrook Ravine
  • Meet FOR’s Newest Board Member
  • Recycling Yard Materials
  • New Education Outreach Director
  • EPA Tests Columbus Watersheds for Quality
  • Plant Walk on Camp Mary Orton Update
  • Camp Mary Orton Scenic Easement
  • Environmental Challenge Grant Awarded to Friends of the Ravines
  • Underground Railroad and the Ravines
  • Become an On-Call Volunteer

Spring/Summer 2003

  • Clintonville Ravine Soils
  • The Troubled Waters of Glen Echo Run
  • Pretty Ivy-covered Walls are a Headache
  • Expert Gardening Advice is a Phone Call Away
  • The Hex of Hedera Helix
  • The Summer House on Walhalla


Fall 2002

  • The History of Iuka Ravine, Linda Ridihalgh
  • Glen Echo’s Northern Slope Restored
  • Bill Moose Run An Urban Treasure
  • Bill Moose and My Grandfather Ranall, Greta Adams
  • A Tributary to the Olentangy
  • Living in a Ravine Community

Spring/Summer 2002

  • Aliens Invade Your Backyard, Elayna Grody
  • Out With Invaders-In With Natives, Tom Kessel
  • The Case of the Woodland Intruder, Ketha Robbins
  • Adena Brook Residents Save Injured Hawk
  • Stormwater: Watershed Public Enemy #1, Jerry Wager
  • Engineers Seek Input from Adena Brook Residents about Sanitary Sewer Project


Fall 2001

  • The Legacy of Camp Mary Orton on Flint Run Ravine, Sherrill Massey
  • Chris O’Leary Appointed Glen Echo Project Director
  • Glen Echo Restoration Update
  • FORGE Begins Dialogue With Sewage Officials
  • Glen Echo Bird Watcher’s List
  • Horticulture and the Environment


No issues between Spring 1999 and Fall 2001 – during thid time the “advisory” committee which had been a CAC sub-committee reorganized and became Friends of the Ravines whose mission expanded to protect all Olentangy River ravines.  That mission expanded to include all of Franklin County.


Ravinia Volume 1, Issue 1, April-May 1999

  • Upcoming Meetings
  • On Its Way-Glen Echo Model Restoration Project
  • Summer Wrap Up, by Salle Cleveland
  • Preserving the Echoes of Time A Short Story of Glen Echo Restoration, by Deborah Georg
  • Sarah Slept, by Ben Hayes
  • New Northside Park is a Place of Beauty, reprinted from OSJ, 1909
  • The Clinton Chapel at Walhalla Ravine


Ravines Quarterly April/May 1998

  • Untitled listing of Environmental Cleanup Events
  • Care for the Old Ones, by Salle Cleveland
  • Adena Brook Needs Our Help, by Jerry Wager
  • Wildlife Caretakers
  • Sharon Heights – Ravine History, by Grant Hilliker
  • Preservation at Hand for Ravine, by Chris Kasselman
  • Glen Echo Ravine Gets More Concrete


Ravines Quarterly Winter 1997

  • Coming Workshops
  • The Legacy of Glen Echo Ravine, by Salle Cleveland
  • Thanks and More Thanks, by Salle Cleveland
  • Stenciling to Stop Dumping, by Jerry Wager
  • Scouts Good Deed
  • A House in the Country 411 Arcadia Ave
  • November Ravine Cleanup
  • Walhalla Ravine Study the Focus of OSU Class, by Shelly Keith
  • Students Taking Watershed Studies South, by Jerry Wager
  • Winter Encounter, by Salle Cleveland

Ravines Quarterly Summer 1997

  • Friends of the Ravines Group Forming
  • Greenways
  • Summer Wrap Up by Salle Cleveland
  • Glen Echo Update
  • Blooming Skunk, Trout, Rattlesnakes and Flies, by Mark Balson
  • Water Tower Update by Paul T. Carringer
  • A Stream Runs Through – But What Is Its Name by Chris Castleman
  • Another View of the Water Towers by Dick Sims, Sharon Heights
  • A Long Walk Home by Vince Mazeika


Ravines Quarterly Fall 1996

  • Greetings
  • Water Towers Along the Ravine? Just Say No, by Dick Sims
  • From the Editor, by Salle Cleveland
  • Putting Adena Brook Under the Microscope, by Jerry Wager
  • In Memory of the Original ‘Graceland’ by Will Williard
  • The Legend of Walhalla Ravine, by Jim Scarff
  • Sharon Heights Association Update, by Lee Goss

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