Ravine Walk – Highbanks Metro Park

Highbanks bridge

This ravine is found at Highbanks Metro Park; according to employees the stream has no official name.  An 1856 Atlas of Delaware County shows it as “Spring Run” but other atlases since then show no name.

It flows into the Olentangy River. A trail that begins next to the nature center crosses over the stream via the bridge shown in the photo. The ravine walls and base of the stream are composed of many layers of oil shale.

Highbanks looking down from bridge

Looking down from the bridge. Visitors are allowed to leave the trail to explore the stream.

Highbanks ravine

Closeup of a wall of shale.

Alluvial fan

Water flow draining from the previous flood plain on the deposit side of the stream has created an alluvial fan.

false solomon's seal

False Solomon’s seal or Solomon’s Plume (Maianthemum racemosum) next to jewelweed.

eroded spot in rock

A granite erratic, carried along by the former glaciers that created this stream, and featuring a circular hole probably created by dripping water.

Photos by Ellie Nowels, June 2021