Ravine Walk: Walhalla Ravine

Walhalla is a ravine in Clintonville that follows a street by the same name. It is only visible from just east of High St. to Indianola; the rest has been channeled underground.

July, 2020 – photos by Ellie Nowels

This section has a wall to separate the stream from the road.

Most homes don’t front on Walhalla but rather have very steep back yards. Some like this have some homemade steps or bridges to connect them to the street.

The stream runs mostly north of the road, but crosses under the road to follow it on the south side for a bit.

The stream runs quite close to the roadway.

A Little Free Library. There’s a roadside path just in this small area, but since there are no sidewalks you mostly have to walk in the road.

A fancy treehouse overlooks the stream.